A few people have asked me why I chose the fleur de lis as the symbol of my son’s blog.  Many people associate the symbol with Mardi Gras, or France in general.  However, I do not use it for that purpose, but prefer to return closer to the symbol’s roots.

First off, the fleur de lis is typically the symbol for a lily.  It translates from french as “lily flower.” Lilies typically denote peace, which is part of what we are trying to accomplish for our son.  We want him to be able to experience rest, relaxation and mental calmness, which is a big part of our journey.  It is one of the most difficult steps on the path, because he is a nonstop dynamo, constantly in motion.

Second, and more importantly, the fleur de lis is often used on compasses to denote “north.”  My hope is that this blog will serve as a compass for my wife and I, and help us remember which direction we are going.  It also reminds us of where we have been and what waypoints we have passed, and will hopefully help us stay on the path we have chosen.

Finally, since these questions forced me to dig a little deeper into the fleur de lis (thanks, wikipedia!) I have begun attributing a third meaning to the symbol.  Apparently it is an international symbol of scouting.  That seems fortuitous to me, and a good omen, if you believe in that sort of thing.  The reason I say that is that I often feel like we are searching a vast forest for a hidden path that will help our son.  Since we are having some success, I think we are decent scouts, at least on an intellectual level.  Also, we are succeeding in rescuing our son from his wilderness and guiding him back to civilization, so I think that one works on a few levels.