Okay, this is going to be quick, but this diet is amazing.  Weeks 1 and 2 showed us some changes, but week 3 is when things really started getting better.  His speech therapist has been checking off goals left and right and reports more eye contact and better work at therapy.  Both OTs tell me Raymond is more compliant, more willing to listen and more creative at play.

I’ve noticed some increases in cognition, but the main thing that has changed is Raymond’s ability to attend.  He is much calmer and less given to sensory seeking behavior.  I am thinking it may be that his system is calming down after all the crap that has been pouring out of it.  I’m also thinking that I really like him.

One other thing I’d like to say is that now that we’ve been on it for a month this diet is like second nature.   We know what we can and can’t have, how to scan labels for dietary no-nos and how to say “No, we’re not going out to dinner.”  It has gotten easier every week.

Plus, my sweet potato pancakes are awesome!