Bullying: Its not just for school kids anymore.

Bullying: Its not just for school kids anymore.

I am pretty appalled at an article I read this morning. You can read it for yourself at 10news.com, but I’ll paraphrase it here.  A family in San Diego had a son diagnosed with autism at 18 months.  At a later date, the child was being bullied by another neighborhood child.  The father, an airline pilot and retired Marine, tried to talk to the other child’s parents about it.  In response, that neighbor and two others filed restraining orders against the child and his parents.

How galling!  I mean, kids will be kids.  There are bullies, and those kids need to be taught better behavior.  However, when the parents will file a lawsuit rather than admit any sort of wrongdoing on their child’s part it seems pretty obvious where the child has learned how to treat people.  What kind of message are they sending to their kids, and how is that message teaching the kids to be better people?  If I ever say something to my son like “Well buddy, sometimes its better not to talk things out and file a lawsuit to get your way” I hope he has the good sense to ignore me!

The hard part is to find the good in people when you read about something like this.  I mean, the neighbors were making crazy accusations like the 4 year old “might come out with a firearm at anytime.”  Really?  I mean, my son is 5 and couldn’t load my pistol, which I keep locked up and unloaded.  Oddly enough, the father owns one gun as well, which is also locked up.  A former Marine is familiar with gun safety!  I wonder where he learned that?

I guess the silver lining is that it was thrown out of court, and the judge ordered the neighbors to reimburse the family for their legal bills.  There are good people, and some of them are in positions of trust and doing damn good jobs.  I encourage everyone to read the article and make their own decision, but I really feel like this is an instance where the our justice system did things right.

Please folks, think about your actions with these kids.  In my experience, there is no situation that cannot be resolved amicably when approached with calmness, honesty and an open mind.  If we are all tolerant of each other then everyone wins.  Thanks for reading.