Look, I don’t like to get on my soapbox (despite all evidence to the contrary!) but if you have a child with a disability you need to be heard. We with kids on the spectrum are reaping the benefits of those who came before us, paved the way and in many cases are still fighting for the rights of our kids. Help them by finding out about your local, state and national politicians and voting.

If you can help on a campaign or lobby for our kids, that is great. You can write letter too. Every little bit helps, because our kids will be forgotten if we don’t constantly remind those in power that they have rights too. However, our rights start with the vote. It is both our privilege and responsibility to vote, so do it!

At any rate, I’m not trying to get preachy. I just want to tell everyone that if we don’t put the right people in office to advocate for our kids they will be left out. Don’t let our kids get left behind. Vote.