Okay, so my wife and I decided to attend this year’s Defeat Autism Now! Conference in Baltimore MD. If you haven’t heard of the DAN! Protocol then you should check out the Autism Research Institute, which maintains and updates the protocol. Although we have been practicing biomedical interventions for some time we had never made it to a DAN! Conference. Naturally we were both thrilled.

We made it on time, with me checking into my Friday only Nutrition seminar and my wife in the first day of the three day General track. I am doing the Science track tomorrow and Sunday, so Nutrition was my only option for today. We’re hoping our “divide and conquer” strategy nets us more info for the same amount of loot. We shall see. Having been told by several folks that the pace is fast and the knowledge copious we were somewhat anxious going in.

Luckily, for me anyway, my panel was wonderful. There is no way I can even begin to relay the data shared in the sessions. First off, because there is so much information I would be here all night typing and still not finish. Also, though, one of the best reasons to come to a DAN! Conference is the community, the exhibitors, the smiles and the warmth. I must have discussed different situations with at least 10 people, and every one of them had some insight.

I spent the bulk of my day learning about dietary interventions. GFCF, SCD, GAPS, LOD, you name it I heard about it. The speakers included Kelly Barnhill from ARI, Dana Laake author of “The Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook” and Vicki Cobliner from Holcare Nutrition. All three of them had wonderful information and advice although Dana Laake had the quote of the day. “If you wouldn’t serve your kid a martini then don’t serve them a soda.” How true.

I ended my day with Doctors Ken Bock and Sidney Baker discussing Immunity and Inflammation. I was happy to hear Dr. Bock speak, as I’ve been a fan since I read his book 3 years ago. Dr. Baker may have missed his calling as a stand up comedian, although I’m glad he stuck with medicine as he is also a brilliant doctor. I love how a good instructor can put everything I’ve read into perspective because its like the whole picture suddenly comes into focus. The Immunity lecture did just that.

Thanks to all the folks at ARI who make this happen. I’ll report back tomorrow night with an update.