The last day of the journey is finally here. It has been an overwhelming whirlwind of ideas and information. I almost feel like I need to go to a debriefing just to make sense of everything I’ve learned!

We started the day with Dr. Sidney Baker and the tool . This thing is amazing. First of all, its free for doctors and patients, which helps a lot. Second, it is totally confidential. Finally, it shows you what kids have a similar profile to yours and what worked for them. It is a powerful and awe inspiring gift to our community.

Next up was Dr. Jeremy Nicholson, another brilliant researcher who did an amazing job showing a way to approach autism using systemic models. Then Dr. Dan Rossignol told us how to assess and prioritize treatments using evidence based medicine. He was especially helpful for the parents in the audience.

After lunch we were greeted by Dr. Jim Adams with some exciting results from a DMSA study. One benefit they didn’t expect was glutathione normalization after just one round of DMSA. Finally we heard from Dr. Laura Hewitson on the primate models of vaccine safety. Most folks will remember this study from the first paper that showed developmental delays after the administration of hepatitis B vaccine at birth. This study is exactly what we need and will surprise some people when the results are published.

All in all I feel it was worth the time and effort. The ideas and interventions are here. This is the place to come if you want to know more about autism as a physiological condition. I will definitely be writing more about what I learned, but right now I have to drive home and see my boy.