Okay, rarely do I shill for anything, but I’m helping to organize and promote this event for the Autism Society of Northern Virginia and I feel like it is an incredible opportunity for parents in Fredericksburg. Pete Wright, the founder of Wrightslaw, is coming to Fredericksburg! He will be giving his famous one day conference with everything you need to know to start advocating for your child. Pete does hundreds of seminars every year all over the country and has helped thousands of families learn to advocate for their kids.

The Wrightslaw books prepared me to advocate for Raymond using my wits and the law. I know the emotional appeal is where most parents start, but it simply isn’t enough in this age of budget cuts. This seminar gives parents the tools they need to overcome school objections and make sure their kids are treated fairly. It will cover the following areas:

1. special education law, rights and responsibilities
2. tests and measurements to measure progress & regression
4. introduction to tactics & strategies for effective advocacy

So what’s the bottom line? $100 per person, $150 per couple if you register before October 1st. After that it goes up to $125 per person and $175 per couple. Registration includes the seminar, 3 books, continental breakfast and lunch. Couples only get a price break because they only get one set of books.

It will be held at the University of Mary Washington’s Jepson Alumni Center located at 1119 Hanover St. Fredericksburg VA 22401. Registration begins at 8 that morning. You can get more details and sign up online at the ASNV Wrightslaw Event Page. If you have questions, post them on the blog or send me an email and I will get them answered. I hope to see you there!