I call that one “Stairway Picture on cellphone camera with random camera effect.” I’m not a photographer, but this stairway looks different through the lens of my camera than it does when I’m looking at it. Throw the effect on and its a totally different place. (Bonus points for whoever can tell me where this was taken. The points aren’t worth any money, only social media meets real time l33t/\/355. )

Folks with autism have that ability. It was explored in the movie “Temple Grandin,” which deservedly won a ton of awards, and doctors have been telling us that since Raymond was diagnosed. However, now that he is finding his artistic voice we are more amazed every day. He takes pictures, changing perspective, arranging people, rearranging his trains to form different scenes, etc. His coloring and painting have gotten better too, more dramatic, more complex and more focused.

That one is the same shot as before but with a “Warhol” effect. The different artistic effects made me start thinking about art in general. I know there are some artists out there with autism, so I did a little research and found these guys.

This one is about a savant artist who draws aerial pictures of cities after riding above them in a helicopter. It is amazing to watch.

This article is about a woman with autism named Jessica Park. I found her story fascinating. The slide show has some examples of her work, which is precise and detailed.

The number one choice on google is artist-with-autism.com and it features the work of Shawn Fintak.  The story is touching, but what I find to be truly encouraging is that the art is good. I mean, like I would buy it!  Of course, I don’t have any money right now because I spent it all buying supplements. 🙂 At any rate, Shawn’s parents were so moved by his gift that they started a studio for differently abled people called Shawn’s Gate in honor of their deceased son.

Doing just a little bit of research is inspiring. We are currently searching for an art teacher/therapist for Raymond in the Fredericksburg area. If you know of one, please post it in the comments of the blog or send me an email. Thanks for reading.

Update: We found a teacher for Raymond and his artwork is incredible. Please take a look at my latest post for a full update with pictures!