I’m dedicating this post to my wife, and all the autism moms out there who feel like they are not doing enough, not close enough or too weak to go on.  Sometimes I forget to say these things to my wife, so I want to put it in writing so she knows how I feel about her and what she does for Raymond, and what she does for me.  I find it difficult to reach out some days, when Raymond has had a particularly rough day or work has been a nightmare, but this is what I want to say to her every day.

Honey, I love to watch you with our son. Even if you are doing something as simple as helping him with his homework, the love you show him radiates from you in a warm glow.  You are so kind and so patient I am amazed that a person like you exists, and even more amazed that you choose to share your warmth with me. You inspire me to be the best person I can be and more.  I love you more every moment.

I know you don’t always hear me say these things and I am sorry for that. However, you still do what our child needs most, and you even do what I need most. You are a miracle of effort and I have never met anyone who works as hard as you do for what is almost a completely thankless job. Mothering is difficult, and doubly so for a child with autism. Still, you accomplish it with strength and grace.

You pulled me through my denial with nothing but love and determination, and I want to repay you by being there to help you for the rest of our life. Becoming your husband and creating this life have been incredible and life changing experiences for me and I never want us to give up on our family. No matter what happens, our family is first in my life and everyone else is a distant second.

This is not a promise that there won’t be hard times or difficulties, fights or disagreements. I’m saying that if there are hard times we will face them together, and if there are difficulties then we will handle them as one. When there are fights, we will make up and move on. If there are disagreements, even though I argue, I’ll know in my heart that you are always right. 🙂

I love you and will always be there for you.

I hope all my readers can take the time and share their love today. If someone is essential to you then tell them or they  may never know it. Hug your kids because they deserve it and hug yourself because you’ve earned it!