2011 Virginia Advocacy and the Virginia Autism Project Tuesday, Jan 25 2011 

The 2011 Virginia General Assembly started last week and it is a sprint, not a marathon. The GA is in session for less than 30 days on odd numbered years. That means things move at a frantic pace, and folks on the spectrum need you to make some calls.



Autism and Ipads part 1: Basic apps Thursday, Jan 13 2011 

Okay, new year and a new series. Raymond was fortunate enough to receive an Ipad from the Autism Society of Northern Virginia. ASNV received grants from UPS, Peachtree and Children’s Charities that enabled them to give away 23 Ipads. Over 50 folks entered and we were one of the lucky 23 families who won one the lottery drawing! We’ve had it a month now and we have discovered some cool apps to make things easier.


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