A little note for Raymond Friday, Feb 25 2011 

I spend a lot of time blogging about autism but I think some of my readers don’t know why. I do it all for my son, Raymond. He is a junior, and I am proud that he shares my name. For that reason I’m putting up some pictures of my boy. I’m super proud of him and he makes my heart sing. I hope you like them.



Department of Justice letter to Governor McDonnell Wednesday, Feb 23 2011 

The link to a copy of the letter is here, graciously hosted by the Arc of Virginia. This is a statement to Governor McDonnell about events that were investigated under Governor Kaine but existed for years before that. It references an investigation by the Department of Justice regarding Virginia’s mental health systems compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the landmark Olmstead ruling.


Dyspraxia versus roller skating Tuesday, Feb 15 2011 

Just a quick video of my dyspraxic son roller skating. He hasn’t mastered it yet, I think he’s doing pretty good all things considered. Its notable, to me, because we were told that he would never be able to ride a tricycle, so roller skating was definitely out the window. It just goes to show you that our kids can always surprise us with their determination and abilities.


Autism Parenting Skills Part 2: Question everything! Thursday, Feb 10 2011 

When I think about how we have learned things about autism I have to give my wife most of the credit. She asks the most pointed, detail oriented and reference specific questions I’ve ever heard. However, her questions always get us into discussions that give us more information. I learned a lot about asking questions just by listening to her, and I want to pass some of that along to you.


An open letter to Governor McDonnell #2, Autism Insurance Reform Thursday, Feb 10 2011 

I sent this letter to the Governor this morning. I hope my fellow Virginians will follow suit. If you want to write the governor you can do so on his website at . Feel free to cut and paste my text if you’re not great at writing letters. The most important thing is that we let Governor McDonnell know how important this is to the future of Virginia.


Autism Parenting Skills Part 1: Determination Tuesday, Feb 8 2011 

This series is about what I have found to be essential skills, traits and abilities for surviving and thriving as an autism parent. I hope you can take something useful away from it.

I often think about what characteristics have benefited my son the most. I’m putting determination at the top of the list because I feel like it is the foundation of everything my wife and I have accomplished. I’ve also noticed that my son has that same determination to succeed, and I think maybe he learned that from us.


A post for dads Wednesday, Feb 2 2011 

Okay guys, I don’t normally reference other blogs, but I read an awesome one today. I recommend you read it. Its at http://alternativechoicespa.blogspot.com/2011/01/richmond-va-fathers-voices.html.


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