The biggest problem we had with our autistic son’s Ipad was getting files on it easily. Sure, we could always hook it up to the computer, but that created a batch type of process and I’m really an on the fly type of guy. Thus I started looking into cloud applications for sharing documents like pictures and music.

First off, for those who don’t know a “cloud” is a remote storage area for data. Its a solution touted by the newer technology crowd. I’m not sold on it as the sole provider of services, but it works great for some stuff.

The first solution we tried was Apple’s MobileMe. Apple has since discontinued the service, but it did work great for getting us set up. I was able to load a large number of files into the MobileMe and downloaded them using the Idisk app. Apple is turning this service into Icloud, and releasing details as they work them out. I’m not sure if we’ll continue the service beyond the free 5G that they will provide. The challenge with this one is that there is no android app, and I use an android phone. Not sure if Icloud will fix that, but until it does its not my number one.

I also looked at using my Carbonite backup as my cloud, but I couldn’t find an app for my phone. See, the big challenge for me is that I take a lot of the pictures I need for social stories with my phone. For example, many times I will snap a picture of something we are doing to include in a new social story. Previously I would email it to my computer and then either login to my email on Raymond’s Ipad or upload it from my desktop to MobileMe and then download it to the Ipad. A little tedious for me.

Finally someone told me about Dropbox. You sign up for an account, which gives you a free 2 gigs of storage. There is an android and Ipad app, and it has software for every operating system. Now I can take a picture with my phone, drag it into dropbox and its there on every device. I still have to open it on the Ipad and save it, but I can do it all in the car if necessary. It has really trimmed down my reaction time for creating a new social story.

Finally, since I blog for free and do a ton of volunteering, I’m hoping you’ll do me a favor. If you think you want to sign up for Dropbox and haven’t been invited, please consider signing up under me. I get and extra 250k of storage as do you, so it helps us both get a little extra free storage. My signup link is