Autism Parenting Tips: Get rid of the cute words Wednesday, Jun 27 2012 

I’m posting this for parents of autistic kids, but it really applies to everyone. Just so you know why I’m posting this, I spent the morning at our local Child Advocacy Center. I am on my county social services advisory board, so I’m seeing stuff that is a little off the beaten path but very necessary for the folks that need it. A Child Advocacy Center is a place where abused children can be interviewed once instead of submitting to multiple interviews for the school, the police, the court, etc, and reliving the horrible event each time. It is a safe,comforting place, and they¬†have the interview taped and all the team questions asked at one time with a great deal of collaboration between agencies.

What struck me most about the tour was the discussion about how many different and odd names people use to describe their private parts. While I’m not going to go into detail, I’m sure everyone reading can reflect on at least 4 euphemisms that bring a chuckle and a couple that cause alarm. We are guilty of doing the same thing in our household, although I’m not sure why. It seems to be a part of human nature that we can’t call our genitalia by their clinical names.



Happy Belated Fathers Day 2012! Monday, Jun 18 2012 

Fathers Day 2012 by mithraeus
Fathers Day 2012, a photo by mithraeus on Flickr.
Hello all my Autism Dads! I meant to write this post yesterday, but I was too busy enjoying myself to approach a computer! At any rate, here are my top of mind tips to help your next Father’s Day be as awesome as it should be.1. Autism doesn’t stop because its Father’s Day (more…)

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