Fathers Day 2012 by mithraeus
Fathers Day 2012, a photo by mithraeus on Flickr.
Hello all my Autism Dads! I meant to write this post yesterday, but I was too busy enjoying myself to approach a computer! At any rate, here are my top of mind tips to help your next Father’s Day be as awesome as it should be.1. Autism doesn’t stop because its Father’s Day

I knew that yesterday was “my day” but my son still needed me to do what I do in order for him to feel good. It was a day off of sorts, and I did get some respite, but it wasn’t like I could lay in a hammock all day drinking beer. Life goes on.

2. Keep Father’s Day inclusive.

I know some dads like to sneak off and play golf or spend the morning fishing. I’ve tried doing that stuff, but for me it works better if I plan spending the day with my son. That way I don’t come home to a disaster or overburden my already overstressed wife. If you must get away, don’t be gone all day.

3. Make the safe choice

I was offered the chance to go out to dinner yesterday, but opted instead to smoke some ribs at home. It would have been great to spend the evening eating crabs, but Raymond couldn’t handle it. For some reason folks expect more of their kids on holidays than any other day of the year. I opted not to do that to him. Although it was a little more work, it was better than dealing with a meltdown or worse. Since the ribs turned out great, all was well. Happy Father’s Day, Autism Dads! You deserve it!