I know I posted a while back about our search for an art teacher. Well, we found one and she rocks! We go to The Creative Side in downtown Fredericksburg and work with Miss Kathleen. Raymond really enjoys it, and he seems to have a real talent for it. I’ve posted some of his art below.

Also, I want to say that he seems to really enjoy having another way to express himself. Our feeling is that we have tried formal, “left brain” interventions like speech therapy, ABA and education, but we haven’t done enough “right brain” creative ideas. If you look at one of autism’s challenges as a lack of connections through the corpus callosum, then working to build those connections from both sides of the brain is a good strategy.

And now on with the art work!

Week 1: Lighthouse










Week 2: House with Cars










Week 3: Beetle













Week 4: Living Room










Week 5: Cow










Week 5: Koi













Week 6: Elephant













Week 7: Spiderman













Week 8: Ducks










Raymond’s First Art show (with peers)!