John Elder Robison’s “Look Me In The Eye: My Life With Aspergers” is a great exploration of an interesting and varied life. Robison is honest in his storytelling and revealing in his perception, which makes for an engaging read about a fascinating individual.

This book starts with Robison’s childhood and follows him through life. His brother, Augusten Burroughs, is also the well known author of “Running With Scissors” and other books. He recounts his difficulties relating with people as a teenager and adult, but he also focuses on the gifts that he attributes in some part to his Aspergers.

What I find compelling is that Robison didn’t have an accurate diagnosis for much of his life but still managed to find a way to cope with his challenges. He had an extraordinary ability to problem solve and visualize solutions, which led to him designing unique equipment for bands like Kiss and Pink Floyd. He also found his own ways to calm his sensory system.

Robison is also very open about his relationship difficulties. It was eye opening to read what works for him in his current relationship. I find that many folks are willing to say what’s wrong, but when you ask them what works they draw a blank. That is not the case here. He shares what has helped him and even explains how and why it helped him, which I find refreshing and honest.

I couldn’t put this one down, so I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars. This book is a great read even if you’re not immersed in the autism community.