How do I use the cloud to share my files? Tuesday, Sep 27 2011 

The biggest problem we had with our autistic son’s Ipad was getting files on it easily. Sure, we could always hook it up to the computer, but that created a batch type of process and I’m really an on the fly type of guy. Thus I started looking into cloud applications for sharing documents like pictures and music.

First off, for those who don’t know a “cloud” is a remote storage area for data. Its a solution touted by the newer technology crowd. I’m not sold on it as the sole provider of services, but it works great for some stuff.



Autism and Ipads part 1: Basic apps Thursday, Jan 13 2011 

Okay, new year and a new series. Raymond was fortunate enough to receive an Ipad from the Autism Society of Northern Virginia. ASNV received grants from UPS, Peachtree and Children’s Charities that enabled them to give away 23 Ipads. Over 50 folks entered and we were one of the lucky 23 families who won one the lottery drawing! We’ve had it a month now and we have discovered some cool apps to make things easier.


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