Autism: My beliefs and ideas Saturday, Jul 28 2012 

If you know me at all, you understand that I get extremely frustrated when I’m misrepresented. My beliefs are as thought out and consistent as I can make them, and when folks make assumptions about what I believe I get angry. Real angry. So, to prevent frustration and help folks better understand where I’m coming from I’m going into some detail about my beliefs.



Happy birthday to me! Reflections on the last year. Monday, Jul 2 2012 

I know most folks reflect on the past year in January, but I always get wistful and maudlin around my birthday. I tend to take stock and make changes this time of year because its easier for me. Let’s see how we were doing last year at this time.

First off, I was in Disney World last year at this time, so I can’t say this birthday is better per se. However, I don’t miss the blistering heat or the insane amount of walking we did, so I’m going to say this birthday is just as good only different.


They’re our kids, not our causes. Sunday, Oct 23 2011 

As the dad of a kid with autism I go to battle a lot. I fight stereotypes, debate our politicians and argue with the school. However, as much as I am passionate about the causes involved in autism I am still aware of why I’m fighting. I’m fighting for my son.

Its easy, when I get into heated debate mode, to start “letting people have it.” I’m a fairly witty guy with a knack for turning a quick phrase, and consequently I have the dubious gift of being able to make people feel inept or uneducated. However, when I start to go down that road I try to ask myself a few questions.


Don’t Panic! Monday, Sep 19 2011 

The words “Don’t Panic” will be immediately recognizable to fans of Douglas Adams and his Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series. They are inscribed on the book’s cover as a reminder to stay calm in an infinite and incomprehensible universe. As I go through the myriad permutations and ramifications of my son’s autism I also find them appropriate. Autism is also incomprehensible, and the research and work I need to do seems infinite.


Comfort for the harder days Thursday, Jul 28 2011 

I know I tend to be upbeat, positive, maybe a little too happy, but we do have bad days as well as good days. Today it was extreme mood swings and tantrums, with some hitting, kicking, scratching, biting, etc. Days like these are emotionally exhausting, but in addition to that they are intellectually exhausting. Did I change something? Is this the wrong program? Could we be doing the wrong things? Are we asking too much or pushing too hard?


The Neurodiversity Movement Thursday, May 12 2011 

I’m going to cover something that a lot of autism parents either have no idea exists. There are probably an equal number of parents who have come in conflict with neurodiverse folks on the internet and were left blindsided. I think of it as a human rights movement for adults on the spectrum and adults with ADD/ADHD, but I’m a romantic so I’m probably romanticizing it a bit.


Does health equal worth? Monday, Mar 14 2011 

I’ve been musing on this concept lately. It seems like our society views healthiness as the measure of a person’s worthiness or ability to contribute. I find that view somewhat skewed, as when I was at my healthiest in terms of BMI and resting heart rate I probably contributed less to society than any prior person in the history of time.


A post for dads Wednesday, Feb 2 2011 

Okay guys, I don’t normally reference other blogs, but I read an awesome one today. I recommend you read it. Its at


Every day should be mothers day for moms of kids with autism. Tuesday, Sep 7 2010 

I’m dedicating this post to my wife, and all the autism moms out there who feel like they are not doing enough, not close enough or too weak to go on.  Sometimes I forget to say these things to my wife, so I want to put it in writing so she knows how I feel about her and what she does for Raymond, and what she does for me.  I find it difficult to reach out some days, when Raymond has had a particularly rough day or work has been a nightmare, but this is what I want to say to her every day.


Rock for autism 2: Updated song list Sunday, Mar 7 2010 

Okay, I know everybody (ie me) loved my last music and autism post, so I thought I would share some of my son’s new favorites.

1. Them Crooked Vultures – New Fang I’m not sure what he things this song is about, but he sure smiles when its playing and requests it when its not on. Heavier, which surprises me a little as I thought it might be a little overstimulating. Apparently I was wrong.

2. Them Crooked Vultures – Elephants I’m pretty sure Raymond thinks this song is about Horton from Horton Hears a Hoo. I say that because I’ve caught him humming it while recreating the bridge scene with some thread and a toy elephant.

3. Led Zeppelin – South Bound Suarez Lots of piano, good bounce, great vocals. This one makes sense to me. It also happens to be one of my favorite Zep songs, so that doesn’t hurt. 🙂

4. Frank Zappa – Apostrophe Normally my boy is not a big Zappa fan, which is more than a little disappointing to his dear old dad, but he sure loves this tune. I think it might be all the low frequencies from the phenomenal bass solo.

5. Old Crow Medicine Show – New Virginia Creeper Although it is more of a metaphor for something else, he likes it because it has lots of train words and sounds. Also, he refers to OCMS as “farm music” which cracks me up.

6. I don’t know the name of the song, but he made me go back to a Taproot song while I was flipping through stations the other day. I was surprised as it was a really heavy song. Maybe his tastes will mirror mine a little more than I thought.

If you are a music nut like me and you want a social platform to share it on, I recommend Blip.FM. Blip let you play your own song list and make friends who like similar music. If you want to check out my blip stream, you can do so at Raymond and I hope you dig the tunes and I’ll post again soon.

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